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Information about St Nicholas nursery

Play Learn and Grow Together


Our Values


Our Aims

  • To provide a safe, happy and caring environment for our children.
  • To work together with parents as partners to ensure the best outcomes for our children.
  • To equip children with the skills for life and for the future.
  • To provide a stimulating environment that challenges all children and allows them to reach their full potential.
  • To provide appropriate opportunities for learning through play in each of the key aspects of children's development and learning.
  • To work in partnership with the school and the wider community.
  • To allow children the opportunities to develop their creativity and problem solving skills.
  • To support children's wellbeing, build their resilience and help them to have a growth mindset.
  • To use up to date documentation and policies to provide the best care and learning experiences for all children.


Contact Us

If you would like to contact the nursery, please call or email us at

Please follow us on Facebook and Twitter, using the links on this page, to see what we've been up to. 


Nursery Team


Nursery Team

Mrs D. Harrigan (Early Years Officer) 
Miss S. Dennison (Early Years Officer)
Mrs C. Barclay
Mrs P. Thomson
Miss C. Malone
Mrs J. McKay
Mrs A.Nicoll
Mrs K. Hesketh
Mrs J. Lynch
Mrs J. Mannison


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