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Primary 7 Space Surprises!

Space Week

We learned that the Earth has been changing – it’s patterns. We found out these interesting facts:

  • 80% of the Great Barrier Reef has been bleached and lost its colour
  • Some squirrels fly
  • Plankton Blooms provide 50% of the worlds oxygen
  • We lose 260 billion tonnes of ice every year
  • Flamingos are not born pink it’s a chemical in algae that turn them pink.
  • Forest elephants fight if there are more than one male to prove their dominance.

We made videos about everything we learned!


We designed our dream house using area and perimeter.

We also started using our SumDog accounts to practise our numeracy skills.


We were outdoors lots. We loved doing our daily mile and playing rounders!


We created inventions to present to the Dragon’s in Dragons den. We are using our creativity, skills for work, business and public speaking. We can’t wait to do our pitches for our products!

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