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Last week of the term...


  • We have been practising our spelling with the sounds ‘oy’ and ‘oi’ with words like: toy, boy, avoid coin. We know now that the most ‘oy’ sounds are at the end of words and the most ‘oi’ sounds are in the middle of words
  • We were designing our houses as part of our topic, we were writing descriptions about the materials we need to build the house. We know that we need cement, bricks, sand, metal, glass etc.
  • We had outdoor learning where we made houses from natural materials we found or brought to school from parks. It was good fun.
  • In Science, we were learning about sliding and friction, which we found very interesting.
  • In maths, we were practising ‘double’ and ‘near double’ strategies and also ‘double add one’.
  • We were talking about Autumn – the current season – and we were writing Autumn poems.
  • In RE we were praying to Mary on the Rosary.
  • In Art, we were expressing ourselves painting the Monet’s Sunset. Well, we tried to.
  • We also practiced Spanish, we know now basic words such as; asi asi – so so, mal – bad, por favour – please, gracias – thank you, sentaos – sit down, silencio- silence and more.

Have a lovely holiday everyone,

Mrs Koziel

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