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P5's Work from Home!

Hello Everyone! This week we Joe Wicks’ed every morning

then we exercised our brains with some number talks and multiplication practice!

We also looked into inference; when we have to think about what information the author is subtly telling us. This can be tricky sometimes, so we have to practice it!


We pondered about ‘Thoughts of the Day’, we discovered that when we talk about ‘Forgiveness’ that we are actually quite a forgiving lot, even when our sister ‘borrows’ our chocolate or when our little sister thinks our head needs a seat and so throws a chair at it! What does this tell us? Well, maybe it is telling us that it is safer to have a brother? Maybe not?

Today is a very special day, it is the first of May. May is the month of Our Lady, so we have had a lot of fun making ‘May Altars’ and doing some fun crafts to decorate our own altars.


We hope you have had a good week and that you are all happy, healthy and safe. Remember next week Monday and Tuesday are holidays, so we will catch up again online on Wednesday.


Take care everyone.

Mrs Kilpatrick and Mrs Macdonald

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