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Busy Week in P2!

We drew self-portraits and used leaves to make our hair – Lena P

In our topic work we have learned the names for different parts of a flower- roots, petals, stem and leaf – Chloe

We have planted sunflowers and are keeping a diary about them growing- Alexsander

We have been learning to use the exact amount of money to pay for different items- Jay

We have enjoyed going to Mrs A’s shop to pay for yummy items using exact coins. The bubblegum was 17p, I used a 10p, 5p and a 2p to pay for it – Jessica- Lily

We have learned about Ascension which means that Jesus went up to heaven- Danyal

In literacy we were learning about past tense- we know that you need to add ‘ed’ on the end of the word to make it past tense- Lena S

We went to the Library to pick new books, I picked My Little Pony: Friends Forever. –Emma

We learned that Jesus grew up in a town called Nazareth- Jack

We had to predict what was going to happen in the story ‘Stuck in the Mud’. I thought Dad, Biff, Chip, Wilma and Floppy would get stuck trying to save the sheep- Zuzanna

The green group have been reading a book called ‘In the Sun’. Meg went to the beach with a bucket and got wet. – David

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