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P5's week

This week we have been very busy even though we have only been at school for 3 days!

Ellie- we designed and then made a stop and go sign.  We were only allowed to use one kitchen roll tube, 4 pieces of paper or card, 1 pair of scissors and sellotape per group. After we made the sign we had to write about how we made it.

Sam – we had visitor this week to see us complete a number talks lesson.

Connor – in Numeracy we have dividing and using the chunking method and expanded method to solve sums. I like the chunking method when dividing.

Paula – we had an author visit from David McPhail. He told us about Vikings. We had the chance to buy one of his books.

Leo – we looked at Mary and coloured in some stained glass windows and thought about we think of when we think of Mary.

Ciaran – in P.E we have been doing athletics and running races.  We have been sprinting and doping sprint starts.

Marwa – this week we did some reading routes and looked at punctuation.  we looked at why it was important and rated the authors use of punctuation.

Mirin – with Mrs Baty we started to make scratch projects and made the characters communicate with each other.


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