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Visit our school blog to see some of the work our children have been doing.

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This is what our Primary 4s thought about their learning this week: We were learning about Venn Diagrams. I think it was fun because it was fun go outside. I think learning about this was not tricky but not easy either. We've been learning about silent texts as part of the West Lothian INspire ... Continue reading P4's great week (28.9.2020) →


This is what P4 said about this week's learning: In Number Talks we have been learning the strategy of doubles/near doubles. I found this 'in the middle' because my favourite strategy is partitioning. We are learning about place value and we even went outdoors to do some games that helped us understand this better. Our ... Continue reading P4's busy week →


Primary 4 have been impressing their teachers again with lots of great effort and work on Teams this week! Well done everyone. In Numeracy we have been learning the 7 times table and stretching our brain with different number challenges. We have also enjoyed active learning tasks around right angle turns. Some children sent us ... Continue reading Primary 4's Weekly Reflections →


This week Primary 4 have been busy learning lots of things on Teams. In Literacy they have been working on homophones (there, their and they're) and practised to using adjectives, connectives and different openers to upgrade sentences. They did such a good job with this task that their teachers had a really hard time ... Continue reading Primary 4's weekly update →


We would like to say a massive thank you to everyone who managed to complete last weeks challenge. You are helping us to achieve our action plan for this year while we are all working from home! That's amazing! Take a look at this weeks challenge: Your Eco At Home Challenge 2 Remember to: Go ... Continue reading This Weeks Eco Challenge! →


Primary 4 have had another fun-filled week with lots of activities to keep them busy at home. In Literacy we revised homophones, especially 'to', 'too' and 'two'. We also enjoyed some performance poetry by Michael Rosen. This one was called 'Chocolate Cake'. Yum! He brought the poem to life by using onomatopoeia, so we learned ... Continue reading Another Fantastic Week in P4! →


This week P4 have been learning how to use compass directions (Never Eat Soggy Waffles) and brushed up on their rounding skills (nearest 10 and 100). They have really enjoyed working on their Famous Scots project in literacy and have produced some incredible posters and PowerPoints or Sway presentations. As part of their STEM, some ... Continue reading Never Eat Soggy Waffles →


Yes, we have been revising alliteration this week in Primary 4! We have also learned about the Scottish man who is famous for inventing the TV, John Logie Baird. Our spelling sound this week was 'tch' and we took part in some fun activities including making a pairs game with our words. Tuesday was National ... Continue reading Practically Perfect Primary 4! →


Primary 4 really enjoyed the long weekend and back on Wednesday ready to learn! This week they practised spelling common words, possessive pronouns, they told us all about their weekend in their 'weekend news', did some work on division and explored how capacity is used around us. They have also been busy with their First ... Continue reading P4's short week learning from home! →


This week in Primary 4 all the children have been working very hard as usual. Their digital technology skills are improving everyday and they are sharing their brilliant work with their teachers through Teams. We have enjoyed active spelling activities and P.E. challenges, as well as practising subtraction strategies and learning more about weight in ... Continue reading Primary 4's Home Learning Reflections →


Primary 4 have been working really hard from home this week learning about subtraction, weight, making plurals, using Microsoft Paint to make a painting, keeping fit with the cushion challenge and learning about Scottish inventor Alexander Graham Bell. This is what P4 said about their learning: -This week I enjoyed doing Art. - It was ... Continue reading Cushions, inventors, recipes, digital Art and more in P4! →

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